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Planning to start an SEO company? Well here are some great SEO tips that can help your SEO company get ahead, quick and fast.

  1. Working on a business website or ecommerce site does not entirely mean one must have a cool and slick setup. It primary objective is to allow visitors easier navigation through the website, and to use SEO strategies to attract more traffic onto the site.
  2. Prioritize your website budget into three main categories: Design, SEO, and Internet Marketing. It is recommended to allocate about half of your budget towards SEO and internet marketing.
  3. While you write up content for your website, you need to select the appropriate keywords to be used to get the best search engine optimization results. Select those keywords that have a good search volume, but lower competition. Selecting keywords that have high or low volumes may not be as fruitful.
  4. Niche keyword phrases, also referred to as long-tail keywords, have middle or higher volumes, and are an added bonus. Avoid selecting low volume keywords or phrases that have very low search volume.
  5. Once you have chosen the appropriate and apt keywords or phrases for your website pages make sure the words or phrase appear in the title Mega tags, description and the actual URL. When you write articles make sure to add the keywords or phrases within the first 3 or 4 words of the title.
  6. It is much better to use a hyphen than an underscore in the URL of a new webpage. This leads to better search results as opposed to ones with underscore.
  7. Make sure not to overuse the keyword phrase, else there is a high chance that Google will penalize you with a lower page rank for cramming the keyword too many times into the article.
  8. Make sure that you add the Keyword phrases in the top of your content as not only Google but other search engines may pay more attention to the keywords.

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  9. One of the best SEO tips regarding website content is to ensure that your article offers a lot of information and solutions, and keeps readers interested. Optimize your articles in such a manner so that more people feel like staying on your website.
  10. Also add the keyword phrase into anchor links for your onsite content as well as in your articles, press releases and blogs. Offsite anchor text links give you the benefit of backlinks from do follow sites which adds to your page rank.

These are the things to keep in mind when you’re working to set up a site that aims to pull in visitors through SEO.

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